The Argyll Building

The Argyll is located on the South West corner of Hastings and Abbott in Downtown Vancouver. It features 8 newly renovated commercial retail units. All share a new storefront with upgraded electrical and plumbing. Sizes range from 425-1100 square feet.  We are in close proximity to Transit and directly across the street from the Woodward’s development.


Built as a hotel in 1904, the Argyll originally served bc loggers when they were in town. the small living spaces met their needs, as they spent most of their time working, or on the Hastings ‘strip’. Fast forward over 100 years, and our tenants’ wants and needs have not changed drastically. Surrounded by diverse amenities like coffee shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, movie theatres and transit – all within a city block – our tenants are able to function in smaller living units, without losing the comforts to which they have become accustomed.

Whether a young professional, someone who is looking to build a savings account or looking to eliminate a commute, our tenants all share the same choice to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace the downtown culture. We have not created a new concept, but rather have revived an old one. In the 19th century, compact living was common practice in many parts of the world…In small communities, people would often meet at neighbourhood coffee houses and taverns to socialize and would shop in local markets for their daily needs.

If you are looking for a clean, safe, convenient and one-of-a-kind place to call home, the Argyll lifestyle is for you.

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